Day: January 31, 2014

Emerging Market Stocks: Bargain or Value Trap?

I was recently lectured on Twitter by a Wall Street strategist about why emerging market stocks (NYSEARCA:EEM) are a raging buy. Among his top arguments for being and staying long were extremely negative sentiment and chart patterns. He was particularly adamant about “depressed values” in Chinese stocks. Interestingly, the view among other strategists that emerging …

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Is More Pain Ahead for Long-Term Bonds?

Interest rates are creeping higher and investors who own bonds with long-term maturities have been dinged. Host, Ron DeLegge examines ETFs that short long-term Treasuries and a roadmap for investors that must own bonds. 70% of our Weekly Picks were winners. What’s in your wallet? Subscribe to the ETF Profit Strategy Newsletter @


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