Day: November 28, 2014

You Don’t Need to Buy a Farm to Invest in Commodities

How can you get commodities exposure without buying a farm? One idea is invest in industry sectors closely tied to energy, agriculture, and mining. Ron DeLegge, Founder and Chief Portfolio Strategist @ ETFguide shares an simple investing strategy on how to add commodities exposure to your investment portfolio.

Portfolio diversification

Facts and Fiction about Portfolio Diversification

Let’s examine the facts and fiction about portfolio diversification. Fiction: A 60/40 stock and bond portfolio (Nasdaq:VBMVX) is fully diversified. Fact: Only investment portfolios with market exposure to all the major asset classes –  not just stocks and bonds (NYSEARCA:BND) – but  real estate, commodities, and cash too are fully diversified. That means a 60/40 stock …

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