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This 5-pack Investor Kit has all the key elements to GROW and PROTECT your money! The pack includes five downloadable PDFs: 27 Model ETF Portfolios, Margin of Safety Worksheet, a template Investment Policy Statement, Cornerstones of a Well-Built Portfolio, and the 10 Commandments for Trading ETFs. Jumpstart your investments today! 

This must have e-Book will prepare you for a secure retirement now and ahead. The e-Book covers strategies for maximizing your Social Security income, tips on avoiding distribution pitfalls, little-know strategies for reducing taxes, help with healthcare planning and how to make sure you never run out of money for the rest of your life!


This groundbreaking e-Book will help you to instantly improve your investment results by changing your habits. The e-Book links 26 must-have habits that are hallmarks of investing greats like Anne Schieber, Chris Saaca, Charlie Munger, John Templeton, Peter Lynch, and Ronald Read.