How to Fix Hidden Flaws Inside Your Portfolio

Hidden flaws inside your portfolio are costing you thousands of dollars and possibly even more than you think!

Course Overview

Meet Your Teacher

Ron DeLegge II

Ron DeLegge II (pronounced DEE-LEDGE-EE) is the founder of ETFguide and the chief architect behind the company’s e-Learning platform.

For over 25-years, Ron has worked in the financial services industry in various capacities. He actively holds a Certified Retirement Counselor (CRC) designation from the International Foundation of Retirement Education (InFRE) and he held series 7, 65 and 63 licenses from 1996-2007.

Additionally, Ron is the executive producer of popular shows like ETF Battles, First Look ETF and Portfolio Makeover on ETFguide’s YouTube channel.

Ron is also the author of several books including Habits of the Investing Greats: 26 Proven Tactics for Achieving the Financial Results You Want and others.

What Our Students Have to Say


At first, I was unsure this would be the right class for brushing up my investing acumen. I’m managing my own SEP IRA retirement portfolio. I’ve been able to apply some of the lessons and pointers provided into my own strategy. I’m also using the template investment policy statement to keep my plan on track. I’m glad I enrolled and I would highly recommend it!

Janet K.

Rochester, NY

I recently switched from investing in individual stocks to ETFs. It wasn’t easy. But the model ETF portfolios in this class have been an incredible help. The sheer number of ETF choices is overwhelming but Ron’s suggestions helped me to focus on the funds that are building blocks and foundational. I definitely feel more confident about where I’m heading.

Presley L.

Des Moines, IA

I was worried this class would be too complicated and hard to understand but it wasn’t. Ron has a knack for explaining financial stuff in a digestible manner. This is my second course taught by Ron and his insights are worth every penny. BTW, he also hosts an excellent podcast called the Index Investing Show. Check it out.

Jim P.

Evanston, IL

Even though I’ve been investing for over 18 years, I feel like taking this course has helped me to sharpen my skills. I especially like the Margin of Safety worksheet and strategies for managing market risk. It’s already helped me to reduce my stress level when the stock market is tanking.

Rick R.

Seal Beach, CA

After inheriting money from my parents, I was forced to learn about investing. They had a financial advisor who did OK for them, but it wasn’t for me. I have trust issues. I’ve had to unwind some of the investments they owned which were too costly and underperformed. While I’m not yet done re-constructing the entire portfolio, Ron’s class has helped to confirm my use of index ETFs. It’s also helped me to be better prepared for market risk and to be better diversified.

Tina B.

Jacksonville, FL

The investing principles described in this course are exactly what I was looking for. They don’t sway too much toward one rigid formula but embrace an all-weather investing method. Outstanding delivery and content!

Boris T.

Brisbane, Australia

This classes from Ron saved me many time in finding the ETF investments for my portfolio. It was easy to understand and I will take more classes soon.

Rogelio L.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Although some of the ETFs in this course are different than Canada, I found the strategies, research and worksheets to be extremely valuable. Each lecture is just the right length too.

Jennifer J.

Toronto, Canada

I haven’t lived in the U.S. for over a decade but I still invest in U.S. stocks and funds. This course put me on path to pick the right ETFs for my situation. The model portfolios are great. I particularly liked the MARGIN OF SAFETY advice given. The workseet for calculating the right dollar amount is just what I needed.

Vladamir S.

Birmingham, U.K.

Great teacher and classes for all kind of investors!


Osaka, Japan

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Digital Course

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  • Video Content Segmented by Topic

  • Exams to Exercise Your Knowledge

  • Online Portal for Learning

  • Lifetime Access to the Content

Introductory pricing:

$299 One-Time