Is the S&P 500 an Outdated Relic?

In this episode, Ron DeLegge @ETFguide puts the S&P 500 and its secretive indexing committee to the fire.

Why did they ignore Tesla in both the S&P 500 and the rest of their index lineup for so many years? What other innovative companies will they miss in the future? Why are they using humans instead of algorithms? And why is the S&P indexing committee asking investors about the best way to add Tesla to their own S&P 500 index? Shouldn’t they know the answer?

Ron tells you what happened and provides an entertaining series of analogies to show how silly the S&P 500 indexing committee looks. Viewers get the chance to add their two-cents, with their own analogies and the winner will get a signed copy of HABITS OF THE INVESTING GREATS. What’s your best analogy? Make it good!

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