Portfolio Report Card: Here’s a $236,000 Retirement Account Worthy of Imitation

In this episode of the Portfolio Report Card, Ron DeLegge, Founder @ETFguide analyzes and grades a $236,000 retirement portfolio owned by W.H., a California (USA) couple in their mid-50s. What are the strengths and weakness? And how can they improve?

W.H. plans to retire in 10-12 years. But they’re unsure of unseen pitfalls that may be lurking. Are they on the right track? They are do-it-yourself (DIY) investors and planning for retirement along with having a comfortable retirement is a priority. Does this portfolio pass or fail?

Using his signature Portfolio Report Card analysis, Ron DeLegge examines and grades W.H.’s retirement account in key areas like cost, risk, diversification, taxes, behavior, organization and performance. As you’ll see, there are many good things about this retirement portfolio that are worthy of imitation. There are also some weak spots that need improvement.

What are your portfolio’s strengths and weaknesses? Find out. Get your portfolio analyzed and graded by Ron at PortfolioReportCard.com. https://tinyurl.com/yxwmgbum

FYI, the template Investment Policy Statements (IPS) mentioned in this episode are included in Ron’s online class, here’s the link: https://etfguide.teachable.com/p/buil…

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