Portfolio Report Card: Is this $408,410 SEP IRA a Well-Built Investment Portfolio?

In this episode of the Portfolio Report Card, Ron DeLegge, Founder @ETFguide examines and grades a $408,410 retirement portfolio held in a pair of SEP IRAs for K.E. in Palm Springs, CA. Is this a well-built investment portfolio or not?

K.E. is a married couple that plan to retire in 12 years. Are they ready? They are self-managing their investments and have worries about low interest rates and the stock market being too high. Does this portfolio pass or fail?

Using his signature Portfolio Report Card analysis, Ron DeLegge examines and grades K.E.’s retirement account in key areas like cost, risk, diversification, taxes and performance.

What are your portfolio’s strengths and weaknesses? Find out. Get your portfolio analyzed and graded by Ron at PortfolioReportCard.com. https://tinyurl.com/yxwmgbum

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