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Portfolio Report Card

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  • Are you frustrated with how your investments never seem to grow?
  • Do you feel like your investment plan might be off track?
  • Are you concerned about your portfolio’s fees, taxes, and risk?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place!

Ron DeLegge’s FREE Portfolio Report Card provides a snapshot of your current investments and tells you if your plan is on or off target.

One of our portfolio strategists will analyze your portfolio in key areas and give you a written grade. (A is the best grade, F is the worst.) We will tell you if your investments are too risky, too costly, or not compatible with your goals. No complicated apps, no software programs, or data entry are required!

Portfolio Report Card $100 Offer

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Here’s what others are saying:

“My portfolio was a disaster until Ron’s Portfolio Report Card helped me to locate what was wrong and fix it.”
Justine P. Berkley, CA

“At first, being graded was nerve-wracking but I learned a lot. I’ve made major improvements and now I’m confident about reaching my investment goals.”
T.S. Chicago, IL

“The Portfolio Report Card changed my entire investment outlook from lost and dazed to informed and prepared. It’s been a big help.”
Evan H. Colorado Springs, CO

starBROKERAGE ACCTs  starTRADITIONAL IRA  starROTH IRA  star401(k) PLANS  star

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