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Is Your Retirement Cushion Adequate?

As we get closer to retirement, we need to have an adequate cushion, or would I like to call, a margin of safety? Why? Well, because as we age, our investment time horizon compresses, meaning we have less time to recover should the stock market suffer a severe decline. Now, I’m not the one who …

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Is it Time to Sell?

With 2018 already half over, the U.S. stock market (NYSEARCA:SCHB) is outperforming its global peers, plus it still trades near all-time highs. Is it time for investors to cash in their equity holdings? The perennially dilemma for investors and traders – right after when to buy – is but of course, when to sell. Investing …

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Your Market Correction Checklist

“It’s wise to remember that too much success in the stock market is in itself an excellent warning,” once quipped Gerald Loeb. After nine consecutive yearly gains, it’s fair to say that our generation has enjoyed more than its fair share of stock market success. But someday very soon, a stock market correction will happen. …

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How to Hedge in a Rising Market

Hedging, for some investors, sounds complicated. In reality, it’s not because it’s all about reducing investment risk. Who can’t understand that? Sometimes stock prices go up, sometimes they go down. That’s how financial markets work. But over the past 8 years, stock prices have enjoyed consecutive yearly gains by making one all-time high after another. How can …

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Does Your Portfolio Have a Margin of Safety?

Building an architecturally sound investment portfolio doesn’t happen by chance. A structurally strong and healthy portfolio is organized into three basic parts: 1) the portfolio’s core, 2) the portfolio’s non-core, and 3) the portfolio’s “margin of safety.” All portfolio parts complement each other by deliberating holding non-overlapping assets. (Audio) $1,000 Gold? + a $1.8 Million Portfolio …

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