Improving Bogle’s 50/50 Portfolio

Jack Bogle has made changes inside his personal investment portfolio. In a news interview last week, the legendary indexer revealed that his 60% allocation to U.S. stocks and 40% to bonds via index funds (Nasdaq:VBINX) has shifted to a more conservative asset split of 50/50 in each group. Bogle is the 86-year old founder of Vanguard Group, the …

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Euro Bears Get Whipsawed

Selling pressure in the euro has been relentless over the past year and the currency has fallen just over 19% in value. Without surprise, pessimism toward the euro has been building. Look at these recent mainstream headlines: Delight or Dread as Euro Falls – New York Times (Mar. 11, 2015) Euro Sinks to 12-year Low – …

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Portfolio diversification

Facts and Fiction about Portfolio Diversification

Let’s examine the facts and fiction about portfolio diversification. Fiction: A 60/40 stock and bond portfolio (Nasdaq:VBMVX) is fully diversified. Fact: Only investment portfolios with market exposure to all the major asset classes –  not just stocks and bonds (NYSEARCA:BND) – but  real estate, commodities, and cash too are fully diversified. That means a 60/40 stock …

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Bitcoin and the Road to Obsolescence

Napoleon Bonaparte once quipped that fame and glory is fleeting but obscurity is forever. As it turns out, that’s a fitting description of bitcoin’s illustrious past and probable future. Besides wild price swings, government bans, massive security breaches, and fraud, the $8 billion bitcoin market’s latest hurdle is something nobody (except for Marc Rich) can …

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