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How to Increase Your Odds of Investment Success

Investing and gambling share at least one common thread; it’s all about odds. And depending on how you build your portfolio of investments, you will either increase or decrease your odds of investment success.

(Audio) The Stock Market’s Last 10% Correction + How to Judge Performance Properly

The latest data from Morningstar’s Active/Passive Barometer illustrates how investors that buy actively managed mutual funds are decreasing their odds of receiving satisfactory performance returns.

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Portfolio Bits: The Whole Pie or the Pieces?

It’s been said that complexity is the enemy of execution. This is true with most things in life, including how you arrange your investments. An optimally performing and easy to manage investment portfolio might be the ultimate goal, but it’s not so simple.

(Audio) Listen to Ron DeLegge @ The Index Investing Show

The larger an investment portfolio becomes the harder it gets to maintain simplicity. 

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Portfolio Report Card: Analyzing a Self-Managed $1.45 Million Investment Plan

What are the hallmarks of a well-built investment portfolio? Low cost, broad diversification, tax-efficiency, risk compatibility with the owner, and performance that matches or beats an apples-to-apples yardstick.

My latest Portfolio Report Card is for a married couple, C.J. in Orange County, CA. He is 57, she is 58 and they asked me to grade their combined $1.45 million investment portfolio.

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Worst Performance for Stock Pickers in 30 years? Here’s What to Do About It

Isn’t it more than ironic that of all the times stock picking fund managers would post their worst multi-decade performance – that it would be smack dab in the middle of a raging bull market?

Never mind how the S&P 500 (SNP:^GSPC) is about to record its fifth consecutive yearly gain and ninth gain out of the past 10 years.  

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What’s the Proper Way to Measure Your Portfolio’s Performance?

Have you ever wondered why mutual funds that have 80% of their exposure to U.S. stocks (NYSEARCA:SCHB) and the other 20% to international stocks (NYSEARCA:EFA) are still measuring their performance versus the S&P 500 (NYSEARCA:VOO)? Shouldn’t they be using a blended 80/20 passive benchmark to do a proper apples-to-apples measurement?

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