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What’s Ahead for the Oil and Metals Markets?

The energy market has seen some record breaking moves in 2020.  Never mind how the May 2020 crude oil contract went $37 negative, the magnitude of the ups and downs has been off the charts.

In our latest analysis at ETFguide TV, John Love the CEO at USCF Investments provides historical context.

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ETF Battles: XLE vs. ICLN Who Wins?

This is an excerpt from ETF Battles on ETFguide TV between XLE vs. ICLN – two beaten up energy ETFs with very different goals. Who wins the battle?

Energy ETFs were pulverized during the first quarter along with the rest of the broader stocks market. 

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What Would Baron Rothschild Say about Russian Stocks?

Russia is in deep trouble. Never mind that it’s on the brink of full-blown war with Ukraine. International sanctions were just imposed against 17 companies with close ties to President Vladmir Putin, and even more severe penalties are in the works.

A poll of economists by a large media enterprise* found that Russia faces a 50/50 chance of an economic recession.

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Should Your Portfolio Own Commodities?

Should your investment portfolio have exposure to commodities?

The problem with commodities (NYSEARCA:DBC) is that most of us don’t have storage space in the garage for a herd of cattle or pork bellies. And even if we did, it still wouldn’t give us diversified exposure to other important commodity sectors like agriculture,

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