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How to Profit from Rising Volatility

Stock market volatility is often wrongly portrayed by the mainstream media as an enemy. In reality, it’s not. First, prudent investors use volatility (ChicagoOptions:^VIX) as an effective tool to measure the stock market’s psychology. Why? Because excessive bullishness or bearishness in market prices is instantaneously reflected in the VIX. And therein lies the opportunity! At ETFguide, we use VIX readings in conjunction …

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Boxing Match 1

Is Gold’s Knockout Punch Coming?

Having an entrenched view is a good recipe for failure. And perhaps, there’s no better Wall Street case study than Peter Schiff, a precious metals permabull. Never mind his incorrect calls about a U.S. dollar collapse (NYSEARCA:UUP). On Feb. 13, 2013, Schiff stubbornly reiterated his bullish view of gold, being quoted – as his public …

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