The Real Spiel: Will the Federal Reserve Succeed at Taming Runaway Inflation?

In this episode of The Real Spiel, Ryan Katz with USCF Investments and Kurt Nelson at SummerHaven Investment Management discuss runaway inflation and the Federal Reserve’s strategy for attacking it.

Plus, the impact of higher inflation on the prices of commodities, along with a look ahead at the energy transition to alternative energy sources like wind power and solar.

Episode content
0:00 Show starts here
1:00 Analyzing CPI and PPI numbers
5:00 Fed’s inflation fighting tools
7:22 Obstacles facing the Federal Reserve
8:08 Effect of inflation on commodities prices
12:10 History: Stocks vs. Commodities
14:20 Geopolitical concerns in 2022
17:17 Clean energy transition
22:00 Show conclusion

To learn more about investing in commodities, visit USCF Investments.

#inflation #federalreserve #commodities


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