About Us

ETFguide was created with one goal: to produce hand crafted investment research that makes people money.

Something Better

Unlike our peers, ETFguide does not double as a money manager, an index provider, or a financial product developer.

The investment industry is dominated by conflict-ridden companies that do everything but focus.

Our singular aim is to produce investment research that makes our customers money. In other words, we’re focused.


Our unique understanding of the ETF universe and financial marketplace has allowed us to correctly pinpoint major investment themes and opportunities that others have missed.

It’s this kind understanding that helps our subscribers to make informed and profitable decisions.

We adamantly believe exchange-traded funds (ETFs) give investors and traders the best shot at reaching their financial goals and it’s our job to help them.

Our Products

ETFguide offers a variety of innovative products geared for individual investors and financial advisors, including:

  • ETF Profit Strategy Newsletter
  • ETF Technical Forecast
  • Weekly ETF Picks
  • Portfolio Report Card
  • ETF(k) Retirement Plans

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Our History

Ron DeLegge is ETFguide’s original founder and is also host of the Index Investing Show, a weekly radio program and podcast syndicated throughout the U.S.

DeLegge is an outspoken advocate for ETFs inside 401(k) retirement plans. In 2009, he created the ETF(k) Retirement Group to spearhead this mega movement to reshape the trillion dollar 401(k) marketplace away from self-serving industry types in favor of retirement savers.

DeLegge is also author of a Wall Street expose titled “Gents with No Cents: A Closer Look at Wall Street, its Customers, Financial Regulators, and the Media” (Half Full Publishing Group, 2011).

Prior to ETFguide, DeLegge worked as a registered investment advisor for 11 years. He resides in San Diego, CA with his lovely wife and a six-pound Morkie named Frida.

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