The Portfolio Report Card is the first and only portfolio grading service anywhere designed to give you a conflict-free analysis of your investments.

Charles Dow is among the greatest financial organizers of all time. Beyond launching the Wall Street Journal, he introduced tools for tracking the stock market’s performance with benchmarks like the Dow Jones Averages.  

Dow’s meticulous attention to organized detail is an important lesson.

For everyday investors, good organization starts by getting regular, independent checkups on your IRA, 401(k) and other investments with the Portfolio Report Card tool. How are you really doing?  
Whether you work with a financial advisor or self-manage your investments, understanding your portfolio’s strengths and weaknesses is key to your long-term success. No more guessing about what fatal flaws have infected your portfolio!

Our Portfolio Report Card tool pays homage to master organizer and investing great, Charles Dow.

Portfolio Report Card:
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