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Ron DeLegge, the Founder and Chief Portfolio Strategist at ETFguide, has helped thousands of people just like you.

Ron DeLegge

More than $100 million investment portfolios graded by Ron DeLegge.

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What will Ron’s Portfolio Report Card do for you?

Uncover unwanted hidden fees and taxes

Locate risky stocks, funds, and strategies that threaten your financial well-being

Warn you about performance problems with your investment portfolio

Verify your investments are correctly positioned

If you’re truly serious about your investments, don’t you owe it to yourself to learn about what Wall Street and your financial advisor don’t want you to know?

Portfolio Report Card

A Comprehensive View of Your Entire Investment Plan

Ron DeLegge’s FREE Portfolio Report Card provides a snapshot of your current investments and tells you if your plan is on or off target.

No other portfolio service or software program ANYWHERE gives you a COMPLETE and COMPREHENSIVE view of your ENTIRE investment plan.

Ron or one of his personally trained portfolio strategists will analyze your portfolio in key areas and give you a written grade. (A is the best grade, F is the worst.) You will find out if your investments are too risky, too costly, or not compatible with your goals. No complicated apps, no software programs, or data entry are required!

Yes, I want Ron to give me a FREE personalized report card for my IRA, 401(k), or brokerage account!

Yes, I want Ron to pay me $100 if my portfolio scores an “A”!

Yes, I want to maximize the safety and growth of my investments!

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What people are saying:

Thanks a lot for taking the time and providing me a portfolio report card. I am thrilled to see I got an A. It also gives me a peace of mind as a professional like you evaluated it."
Nothern California
My broker was charging me hidden fees of 2%, but no more."
Reno, NV
Ron - I wanted to take some time to thank you for the recent report card you provided to me. I thought you made some good points on my portfolio with strong comments on the amount of risk I was taking with this portfolio. I also appreciated the concern you expressed with the number of ETFs I hold in my portfolio and the fact that I could save some expenses by going with blended funds vs separate growth and value ETFs. I will strongly consider your input when deciding how to update my portfolio."
Leesburg, VA
My portfolio was a disaster until Ron’s Portfolio Report Card helped me to locate what was wrong and fix it."
Berkley, CA
I got a C and I was shocked. But I'm already making changes to my portfolio. I've eliminated a few mutual fund dogs and I hope to have a better grade the next time around. This is a very valuable service and has been a real eye opener."
Bronxville, NY
At first, being graded was nerve-wracking but I learned a lot. I’ve made major improvements and now I’m confident about reaching my investment goals."
Chicago, IL
“Mr. DeLegge's method for analyzing my IRA plan was easy for me to understand and it helped me to find what I need fix. I'm 46 years old and my allocation to U.S. stocks was almost 80%, which is far more risk than I want to be taking. I've given my Portfolio score to my new financial planner who is helping me to implement the changes. Thank you very much for the great service."
Poway, CA
I’m 55 and some of the funds I owned were too risky for my age."
Santa Barbara, CA
The Portfolio Report Card changed my entire investment outlook from lost and dazed to informed and prepared. It’s been a big help."
Colorado Springs, CO
I had a sneaking suspicion that something was amiss with my investment plan but I didn't have the time or know what to look for. I reluctantly decided to try this service and was sort of shocked. It's opened up my eyes to things I never knew about my 401(k) retirement plan and family trust."
Plano, TX
Ron’s service was a pleasant surprise and a revelation. I wasn’t sure what to expect."
Evanston, IL
I asked Ron to grade my portfolio so I could get a sense on how I have done managing my own retirement. I have always felt I was doing a good job but just wanted that extra assurance….and that is what I got. Thank you Ron!"
San Diego, CA

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