Biden’s 48% Capital Gains Tax: Why Something Far Worse is Brewing

President Joe Biden’s latest proposal will skyrocket tax rates on capital gains from investments to average a shocking 48% across the nation. While the proposed tax targets wealthy individuals and families, the rest of America is not out of harms way. In this episode, Ron DeLegge @ETFguide explains who the tax affects, by how much and a far greater threat to the financial security of all Americans – not just the super rich.

Beyond explaining the problem of rising taxes, Ron explains how to protect yourself. Correct investment positioning must be combined with correct tax/asset positioning in order to achieve the correct investment outcome.

Ron’s interview with David M. Walker about America in Debt and how income tax rates are set to skyrocket

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Get Feedback on Your Portfolio's Risk

Check Your Investment Performance

Get Help With Your Investing Habits

60 Smart Ways to Retire Better