(Podcast) Well Organized Portfolios Aren’t Accidental

Many investment portfolios reflect the lives of their owners; they’re cluttered, scattered, and completely disorganized.

In my latest podcast, Welcome to Portfolio School!, I talk about how good organization within your investment portfolio contributes to better results. And a big part of being organized means having smart asset location. This boils down to making sure you’re putting your investable assets in the right place. Proper asset location combined with proper asset allocation is a formidable combo.

Also discussed in my podcast is the topic of covered call funds versus selling covered calls directly. Which is better?

In the ETP marketplace, there are covered call funds on the S&P 500 (NYSEARCA:PBP), the Nasdaq-100 (NasdaqGM:QYLD), and even gold (NasdaqGM:GLDI).

The chart below illustrates how the S&P 500’s dividend yield (NYSEARCA:VOO) has crashed from 5.57% in the early 1980s to under 2% today. And with the S&P 500’s dividend yield  still hovering near multi-decade lows, alternative income strategies like selling covered calls have come into the limelight.

SP Yield 2015

Besides giving an investor some downside cushion, the strategy of selling covered calls on a portfolio of ETFs is a proven high income strategy. The Income Mix Portfolio we launched in 2012, has averaged $843 per month over the past 38 months.

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