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Prioritize This Task Before Buying Your Next Individual Stock

The age of not having a believable investment plan is over. But that still hasn’t solved the problem of having too many investment choices. That leaves the prudent investor with no other option but to establish a logical framework that increases the odds of investment success. What should you do before buying your next individual stock?

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Facts and Fiction about Portfolio Diversification

Let’s examine the facts and fiction about portfolio diversification.

Fiction: A 60/40 stock and bond portfolio (Nasdaq:VBMVX) is fully diversified.

Fact: Only investment portfolios with market exposure to all the major asset classes –  not just stocks and bonds (NYSEARCA:BND) –

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3 Telltale Signs of Disorderly Portfolio

Since mid-May, I along with a growing army of independent portfolio analysts, have already graded $10.6 million in investment portfolios. Some of the individual investors are old, some are young. Some have years of investment experience and others are novices. Some are risk averse, while others are not.

I’ve analyzed 401(k) plans,

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