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How Would Your Portfolio Do in a 50% Market Decline?

Prudent investing in a reckless world has become a long-forgotten idea. And the 6-year run-up in U.S. stock prices (NYSEARCA:VOO) has certainly been a contributing factor.

After love, risk might be the most misunderstood and misinterpreted word in the English language. Today, people’s perverted sense of risk management is making sure they don’t miss the next big run in Netflix or Tesla.

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Portfolio Report Card: A $850,613 Portfolio with Sluggish Results

Your investment portfolio is nothing more than a reflection of who you are. In other words, it’s a personal statement about how you approach financial risk, investment cost, diversification, and taxes. If you’re disorderly when it comes to these aspects of your investment plan, the unwelcome consequences will be a disorderly portfolio with disorderly results.

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2 Times When Diversification Becomes Di-Worsification

Diversifying your investment portfolio: It’s a dull exercise that people repeatedly hear, yet a chore they execute with consistent imprecision. Are there times when diversification can actually become “Di-Worsification”?

Variety is the Secret
Diversification boils down to spreading your investment risk across multiple asset classes.

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