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How Should Your Non-Core Portfolio Look?

I’ve written extensively about the role of an investor’s non-core portfolio. It’s one of the three cornerstones of a well-built portfolio (see figure below) and it always plays a complementary role to the much larger core portfolio and a person’s margin of safety container. If used properly, the non-core portfolio can greatly enhance an investor’s total returns.

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Being a Contrarian Investor Still Pays Off

Contrarian investing takes gumption. Not only are you buying assets that are hated by most investors, but you’re doing it at prices that are depressed. It’s a scary proposition for many people and because it requires such nerves of steel, most don’t do it. Add it to the checklist of reasons why contrarian investing –

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The Proper Context of Hedge Fund Money

In case you missed it, Wall Street’s rich and famous are having their worst yearly performance since 2011. Big bets by hedge funds on energy (NYSEARCA:XLE), healthcare (NYSEARCA:XLV), and commodities (NYSEARCA:DBC) have nuclear bombed shareholders’ money.

Here’s just a small sample of the multi-billion dollar meltdown:

• David Einhorn’s large stake in Consol Energy (NYSE:CNX),

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Prioritize This Task Before Buying Your Next Individual Stock

The age of not having a believable investment plan is over. But that still hasn’t solved the problem of having too many investment choices. That leaves the prudent investor with no other option but to establish a logical framework that increases the odds of investment success. What should you do before buying your next individual stock?

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