ETF Battles: Growth Stocks vs. the S&P 500? What’s the Better Choice for Stock Market Investors?

In this episode of ETF Battles, Ron DeLegge @ETFguide referees an audience requested showdown between stock market ETFs from State Street Global Advisors (SPYG) and Vanguard (VOO). Which stock market ETF is the better choice for stock market investors?

Program judges David Kreinces and David Dierking from examine this audience requested ETF matchup.

Each ETF is judged against the other in key categories like cost, exposure strategy, performance and a mystery category. Find out who wins the battle!

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0:00 Show starts here
1:18 Big announcement
1:40 ETF Battle matchups
2:14 Judges introduced
2:30 Battle categories introduced
3:16 ETF Cost comparison
4:20 Exposure strategy analysis
6:35 ETF Performance comparison
8:55 Mystery category analysis
10:50 Judges recap their ETF winner
12:41 Final ETF Battle scorecard
14:00 Visit our viewer resources section
14:24 Which ETF Battles do you wanna see?
14:38 Show conclusion

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